Friday, 30 November 2012

My Neighborhood

The DC city council has been blasted over the last couple of months because of these increasing number of traffic tickets via speed cameras.  Since 2008 when they installed their cameras....the city of DC....has made roughly $194 million in fines.  You can figure forty million a year is rolling in....easy money as we'd say in Bama.

The hostility of the fines (roughly $120 a ticket) finally got to the city council.  So they made a decision this lessen the fee to roughly $75.

Naturally, you'd start to feel better about this.  But they turned around and agreed to add twenty-seven more cameras.  So, things would spread out, and the amount of money coming in would be roughly the same.

The cost of running the camera system?  It's a floating deal...roughly twenty percent of ticket income is operational cost (going to the company that manages the cameras).  So in a good year (like 2011), the city made $55 million on gross revenue, and the operating cost was near $21 million).

There's roughly 400k tickets that were issued in 2012 for speeding in the district....a six by six mile area.  You can figure the numbers here, but it's safe to say that a ticket is issued every few seconds in DC on average.

It's safe to say that if the public ever figures out this whole game and just starts to drive 3 mph under the speed'd only take a month or two for the operators of the cameras to get nervous.  Just a twenty percent cut in tickets would be serious....but if you had a eighty percent cut in'd destroy the whole business model, and the profit mechanism of the city.

Course, this is DC, and no one ever gets smart about things like this.  They just whine, and life goes on....speeding away.

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