Saturday, 10 November 2012

Political Observations

I sat and watched a bunch of dimwits appear on various news shows this week....speaking out about how the Republicans must win in elections.  Naturally, only by changing....can they win.  It was a comical theater show for the most part.

So, what dramatic Democratic character does the Democratic party have to replace President Obama in 2016?  Answer?  Well....they could try and bring Hillary back again.  She'll be 69 years old and it might be questionable if she has any real energy to go through this again.

This Maryland governor....Martin O'Malley?  He has favored Latinos and gays in the state, but he's also worked hard to chase millionaires out of Maryland.  Tax revenue by 2016 will be a serious topic in Maryland and no one will be able to entice the rich folks to come back.

New York governor Cuomo?  The Sandy hurricane business will be dumped on him as a failure within New York circles.

For the Republicans?  There's a fairly short list.  You can bet on only three candidates in the end: Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Jeb Bush. Rubio is going to go out and be the number one choice of Latinos throughout America over the next four years.  It's hard to see him not being the winner in that election.

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