Saturday, 3 November 2012

Simple Kindness and Water

This won't appear in your local news, or ABC, or CNN....I'm guessing.

But the kind folks at Budweiser stood up....looked at the Sandy mess in New Jersey, and just said....stop the brew....the folks need drinking water.  So they've been hard at work for the past day or two down in Cartersville, Georgia.

The Bud folks are preparing 44,000 cases of emergency drinking water....equals well over 1 million cans.....and are shipping the stuff as we speak to New Jersey.  Additional cases are going to Brooklyn.  All free.  No charge.  Trucks are moving as we speak.

I'm pretty sure....if the Sandy mess goes into a second week, and even a third week....those kind folks at Bud are probably prepared to ship another 44k cases of drinking of charge.

I know that Bud has done this before and rarely gets any credit for this.  Bud is one of the few companies that stop production of something, and jump into a mess like this, and do it for nothing.  They expect absolutely nothing in return.  It says alot for a company to stand up and stop doing something like this for real people.

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