Monday, 12 November 2012

Simply Observations

It's not spoken much on CNN or the big-name networks, but the guy who did Elmo (the puppet) for Sesame Street....apparently did some lusty stuff to a younger guy who was sixteen about seven years ago.  There's some court action going on, but I'm guessing some folks are going to start asking if Elmo is clean or a problem for Christmas gift this year.  Sadly, we probably will start to get into sex puppets who do things that's best left for cable TV after 10PM.

Some jihad guy stood up and says there needs to be some massive destruction around include destroying the Sphinx  and the Pyramids.  When you consider that all of the tourism bucks that flow into Egypt is because of the various things that were built three thousand years ago....and you'd destroy every single avenue of cash flow into the just doesn't make sense.  This is why....most folks start to ask stupid questions of these Mullahs.

In business news....Wal-Mart came out with a shocker for its employees.  Depending on what health insurance policy you have for 2012....for 2013, it's going up.  Some of the policy's will be running around eight percent more, but some will go up by thirty-six percent.  This shocker got folks around to discussing how they'd survive with the increases, and some hinted that they will be dropping their health insurance.  It'd be deserving of discussing at length how health insurance got cheaper in America after Obama Care was implemented, but it's a dead topic as far as I see it.

Finally, it's a radical fall.  Over the past year, most of the TV networks are all reporting a decrease in viewers....near ten percent.  Course, you have to explain this over to the guys who buy ads and it's not an easy thing.  There's roughly seventy dollars that normally runs via the networks for their nightly TV operations.  What are people doing?  Downloading shows at other times of the day.  Naturally, it's a bit difficult to explain this to the guys with money and how they ought to still be paid at the same rate.

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