Friday, 16 November 2012

Simply Observations

First, it came out today that this Petraus hottie gal....Ms Broadwell....had a couple of folks who approached her in the summertime about this idea of running for the Senate seat in North Carolina.  At the time, she got all peppy about this idea.  So she went and told her boyfriend....the general....of this idea.  He kinda sat and asked a fair number of questions....abortion, budget control, oil, natural gas, gun control, tax reform, etc.  Eventually, the general said that he didn't think that she'd fit into either the Republican or Democratic parties.  That probably a fair let-down to the couldn't be a Republican or Democrat.  I imagine the general just sat there and thought....what kind of dimwit is this?

Second, let me explain the whole deal with the Twinkie company collapse (Hostess).  The Hostess folks figured out their business model was screwed probably like five to seven years ago.  You had union rates, union agreements, and the current market wasn't going to allow for any real profit like they used to have.  So you jack the company up into overdrive, and go for full-up bankruptcy....borrowing a massive amount of money in the end.  The banks say you need to cut turn to the unions who absolutely refuse a massive salary/benefit cut.  You declare full up bankruptcy, and sell the assets....mostly the names (Twinkie, Hostess Cupcakes, etc).  You have little companies out in Mississippi and Tennessee who buy up the names, and suddenly start a massive business operation by the summer of 2013, in a non-union environment.  The 18k unemployed folks?  Screwed.  Tough luck.  You should have figured out what Hostess was doing back in 2010.

Third, some idiot reviewer woke up in the midst of this Liz Taylor movie with Lindsay Lohan, and realized....she can't act, period.  And?  Now, you realize this?

Fourth and final....some police chief out in Nevada City, California decided to fix his local homeless problem.  He's handed out permits.....allowing them to sleep in public.  As long as you have a's ok.  It's also to pee and urinate in public too....I'm guessing.  For cities to visit....I'm thinking that Nevada City isn't a place you want to stop or slow down for.

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