Sunday, 18 November 2012

That 1970s Era

This week, I happened to be flipping channels and had a chance to watch Three's Company (from the 1977 to 1984).  I watched two episodes.  I will's a catchy comedy....even today.  It still works. Once they brought Don Knotts onto the only got better.

Some One Day at a Time and the White Shadow....were lousy shows, and you never see them around today.  Hart to Hart?  I probably watched one episode in my entire life.  Knot's Landing was some hour-long soap opera that didn't really say much or do much.

The Daniel Boone Show?  I've probably watch forty episodes of it in my life....there's a total of 165 of them.  The thing that generally amazed me....everything was shot on a stage or lot....nothing in the real woods.  You got to notice things like that.

To this day, I've never watched as single episode of the Mod Squad, or Marcus Welby.

CHIPS?  I've probably seen every single one of the 139 episodes.  To be was badly scripted and there's a good reason why it never appears on TV today for you to watch.

One of the worst shows from the 1970s....was The Man From Atlantis....which survived for 13 episodes.  It started Patrick Duffy, who went onto Dallas later....luckily for him.  It was trying to fit into the Six-Million-Dollar Man stuff, but you just couldn't fill the 44 minutes of the show with anything worth watching except Patrick Duffy without his shirt on.  I got the impression that was the whole purpose of the show.

It's interesting to go back and realize just how bad TV was during the 1970s....and how we just accepted it.

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