Thursday, 29 November 2012

That Gitmo Story

The news folks kinda figured out that Senator Feinstein asked for a report on the idea of bringing the Gitmo prisoners up into a US prison.  So they went and asked about the reasoning of this.  All she would say was that she thinks the President has a viable option, end of comment.

In 2008, the President laid out this grand plan to end Gitmo's use as a prison, and bring the 'boys' into the US.  There were probably forty campaign speeches made that year on the comment, and this was probably ten percent of the reason he won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Well...other than getting an Illinois privately built prison in line for a contract....nothing else has occurred.

The emphasis?  If you bring the Muslim radicals into the US, then the odds start heating up on allowing a regular US court to handle actions rather than a military tribunal operation.  Then you could introduce various elements of torture which means that you can't really prosecute.  And when you can't prosecute, then you have to find some dopey country who will take the guys that you suddenly want to release.

My humble guess is that a country or two has already signed up to take the 'boys'.  There's probably a federal judge or two already selected as the guy to handle this business.  And there's probably some campaign fund contributions sitting there from help make this possible.

What happens?  Congress (run by the Republicans) won't budget or consider such a move.  So the President would have to use executive powers to make this happen.  Any private citizen of Illinois could easily launch a case against this and get a federal judge to halt the move until some kind of review is made (there's probably a dozen reviews already accomplished but it never hurts to have one more).

There is one other odd element to this.  The prison atmosphere needs to be clean and limited to strictly the Islamic guys.  If you ever mix any of these characters with regular American prisoners....none of the Islamic guys would survive more than twelve months in a mixed prison.

Of course, all of this is done in the interest of American justice.  Who's version of your own best guess.

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