Friday, 16 November 2012

The Card of Punishment

Out of science and onto your local newspaper....feeling sad makes you do stupid economic stuff.  No kidding.

Some smart guys went out and did the research.  It's kinda simple here.  When you feel down and out, you tend to start focusing on making yourself happy, and you do that by spending in a unnecessary fashion.  Course, this comes from a number of Harvard scientists.  They tested folks and found that you tend to use your credit card or credit make yourself happy.

Their belief?  Credit cards are your life-line to surviving....mentally.  When you hit some pit and need to get out.....just flash the card, marvel at what you bought, and life feels like living again.  Course, there's a debt there which will come up eventually to make you feel more negative.

I looked at the article and I eventually came to this conclusion.  What we all a fake credit card, with fake use on a fake shopping page.

You buy some fake item with the fake get an email from some company with a picture of the fake stuff you bought.

You get pictures from the company of yourself on some fake beach in the Bahamas where you spent your fake vacation.  The hotel room picture look great, especially with a giant fatty food buffet line and free fake beer that you would have consumed.

You show your new fake car, with all the spec's.

You start to feel good.  You sit and compare this to the last fake vacation.  You talk about this fake car purchase versus the last fake car purchase.

Maybe I'm onto something.  Course, we'd have to charge you for having a fake credit card, and there'd be some charge for all the fake pictures that we'd send you.  But that's a heck of a lot better than spending $16k this year on stuff you never needed but you felt pretty happy about.

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