Friday, 9 November 2012

The Dead Vote

I will admit it....I'm partially against dead voters still retaining voter rights.

From a economic standpoint, they aren't contributing into the revenue bucket anymore or paying more on social security.

Dead folks don't use toll lanes, buy 60-inch TVs, or buy Volvo station wagons.

Dead folks aren't helping with property taxes, income taxes, car taxes, boat registration fees, cigarette taxes, or booze taxes.

Dead folks don't attend Democratic or Republican conventions.

Dead folks don't get interviewed or polled for national trends.

Dead folks don't have much of a vested interest in Obama-Care.

Dead folks don't care for global warming, global cooling, or climate change.

Dead folks don't watch any of the positive or negative political TV ads.

Dead folks don't care about gay marriage, casino building, or school bond issues.

Dead folks don't care if the minimum wage is $8 an hour or $10 an hour.

Dead folks aren't part of the unemployment rate (at least for right now).

Dead folks don't care if the forty ambassadors from the US are shot by jihad guys.

Dead folks don't care if the NCAA bowl selection committee is run by Chinese Communists, and they arrange for a LSU versus Oregon championship game....tossing Bama out of the picture.

Dead folks just don't amount to much in the big picture of life....except they vote.  There's something wrong here, but it's best not to get your Senator Snuffy all wound up over dead voters. And the sad truth is...there might be just as many dead Republican voters, as dead Democratic voters.

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