Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Hamas Story

Over the past week....even while on the road to Bama....I kinda noted a vast telling of the Israel and Hamas story.  Last night, I'd swear that CNN must have wasted an entire two hours....still trying to make it a Nobel Prize story.

So a brief two minute explanation as to why the mess ended so easily.

First, this Iron Dome defensive device?  It basically took on and hit roughly 85 percent of the rockets that the Hamas guys launched.  That's pretty amazing statistics.  But here's the other side of this kind figures where all the rockets come fly a drone over....figure the right spot, and you blast the area.  So any depot or hidden reserves that you had of pretty much wiped out.  The Hamas leadership might not want to admit it but it's hard to carry on a fancy war, if your number one weapon is cut out of the mess.

Second, the Israel guys decided to target the number one guys of various groups.  So the number two and three guys moved up.  That's not a reassuring deal for new leadership.  You may only have hours left to live.

Third, I'm guessing that the bankers and finance experts of Egypt stepped up pretty quick and noted how bad business has been over the past year in Egypt.  You don't want a bunch of unhappy and unemployed Egyptians running around the streets.  So you need this stability thing fixed up real quick.

Fourth and final....if you noticed today....the Egyptian President announced that he'd gained vast new powers.  Course, the court system and Parliament were kinda surprised over this, and I'm guessing he was on a schedule and this little war was not to the advantage of his power business.

As much as CNN might want to waste forty-five minutes telling this story....there just isn't that much to tell.

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