Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Hotel Story

It kinda came out Hurricane Sandy wrapped up it's mess on New York and New was time for the Red Cross to deploy and help the poor folks along the shoreline.

Well....the Red Cross deployed, and found some fine hotels in New York City to stay at.  The end cost? $181k.  At a rate of roughly $310 a night....the Red Cross signed up forty rooms at the SoHo Grand Hotel.

Naturally, you'd be asking....what kind of hotel is this?'s one that advertises itself as a fine establishment which offers up fine dining situations cooked up by a French chef.  They also offer all the various guest services that real hotels generally provide.

After a rough day out in the field with the Red Cross'd come back to the fancy hotel....order crab or the oyster plate.  You might have discussed world economics with some fancy-clothed British guy down at the bar.  Later might have had a fancy wine with some Hollywood gal or some Oman Sultan.

The way I see it....the Red Cross ate up $181k of their budget on something that was unnecessary.  They didn't care.  This is one of the big reasons why I never donate money to their cause anymore.

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