Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Library Story

Occasionally, I will notice a story, which simply will not make national press, under any reason.  Today is one of those days....the public library in Detroit, raided today by the FBI.

Now, you'd sit there and say why?  Well....the FBI is always quiet about things like this.  But the news folks say that the library's financial records are key to this investigation, and they are seriously looking at the chief administrative officer, Tim Cromer.

The speculation is....that Tim was handling millions of dollars in contracts, and issued these contracts without any real bid process (or it's suggested that no bidding was the norm).  Frankly, if the FBI finds that is the'll be a quick search warrant deal for all of the people that got the contracts and their financial records will be dragged out.

The curious thing's probably the first time in American history, that the FBI did a raid on a public library.  The ten FBI folks probably got all the way to the front desk....where some gal stopped them and asked if they had a library card.  They probably flashed a badge or two....and got past that gal.

What you typically look for here? look at Tim's salary, and then Tim's lifestyle.  If Tim makes $90k a year, and has two or three new in the Bahamas twice a year....and drinks expensive wines, then Tim might have additional income that he doesn't report to the IRS.  I'm guessing the FBI will go over Tim's life and ask some blunt questions.

The comical side to this story?  Well....the library had this great $3.5 million contract with Cubemation.  The Cubemation folks are this fancy IT company, which advertises itself as "thinking outside of the box".   The $3.5 million contract?  Based on most was never open-bidded.  It was awarded without much discussion.

What did Cubemation deliver?  No one much can define that part.  I spent about an hour looking at this contract vehicle. What the library did do.....was go and buy a number of $1k fancy stainless steel garbage cans for the main library.  While the library budget was being pressed to cut....they spent thousands on $1k chairs for one wing of the main library.  On the looks's a five-star library, I will admit that part.  Was this the advice given by Cubemation?  You don't know....and no one in the city government can attest to much of anything over the contract.

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