Sunday, 4 November 2012

The "little" March

That Million-Muppet-March?  Remember that one?  It actually happened yesterday in DC, although no one in the region knew anything much about it.  All commentary in the local news died out around a week ago.  I was intending to attend and forgot about it.

Today....some news folks woke up....remembered the event was supposed to happen, and discovered that no one much was commenting.  Not CNN.  Not CBS.  Not ABC.  Not even Fox News.

I went looking this morning for commentary about who showed up.  Eventually, I found two or three folks who commented via the internet that they were actually there.  In their was a couple hundred folks who showed up and did some kind of march through DC.  It sounded like that the cops didn't even escort them because there weren't enough people to get excited about.

Bad weather?  No.  It was actually a pretty good day for November.  Not cold or rainy.

What happened?  To be honest....I don't think that many people care much for the Muppets in the end.  If Congress cuts their budget by fifty percent....I doubt that it'll draw any significant anger from the nation itself.  That might say something in the change of attitude around America.

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