Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Trace

There is this 444-mile parkway that exists from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi.....the Natchez Trace.  Few Americans will ever travel this route.  It's not a four-lane.  It's not built for speed.  No food shops along the way.  It's not even much of a shortcut, unless you had some plan to go from New Orleans back to the east coast.

If you lived back in the 1800 period....this was the common route that a guy would go if you had to travel from New Orleans to America.  The Trace was mostly a cleared way through the woods, and had an occasional roadhouse where you could have some stew and brew.
The Trace is an odd piece of American history, which serves today as a fairly relaxing drive.  You don't need to max out at 65....this is probably a drive that you'd prefer to stay closer to 45 and just enjoy the scenery.

About every twenty miles, you've got a picnic area set up and can sit for an hour or two....almost thinking you are back in the 1800s.

What you won't find on the Trace?  There's no commercial operations.  No gas stations.  No stores.  No restaurants   Nothing.  If you need food or gas, you have to exit the Trace and go local.

There's only three routes in America that I strongly encourage people to go and take.  The Natchez Trace is one of the three.  A guy could wrap up the Trace in one day, but I'd strongly encourage you to stop and enjoy the scenery ....breaking this up into a two day trip.  Your blood pressure will drop by ten percent and pause to ponder over how things worked two hundred years ago.

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