Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Weird to Weirder


The second gal in the Petraeus episode?  The one who called up for help because she got threatening emails?  It's the number two gal from the right (Jill Kelly).

The gal on the far right?  Her sister....twin sister.

Course, you recognize the general and his wife.

Guy in the middle?  Husband to Jill Kelly.

Gals Lebanese?   Well, yeah, now that you mention it....they came out of Lebanon years ago.  They kinda look like the Kardashians?  Well....yeah....they do look like those hot California sisters.

The odd thing is that the sisters were on the Food Network Channel....doing a taping for the show called "Food Fight".

So you sit....far away from Washington and the real world.  You ponder upon this.  It's rare you ever meet any hot lusty chics.....especially from Lebanon.  Then you kinda think over this journalist/tramp/ slut/Army Lt Col Gal who considered the General to be her property, and you'd see a picture like this and get all upset.

In Bama.....you'd drive over to the gal's trailer and throw rocks at her window.  You let the gal know that she can't haul off and steal your secret lover guy.  You might slash a tire or two.  You might spread gossip that the other gal has mental issues.  You wouldn't wimp out by doing some wussy email or Facebook stuff.

Man, this is way better TV gossip than that stupid election business.

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