Thursday, 29 November 2012

When I was a Kid (1975)

When I was a kid, the average home ran for around $42k, and you could buy a house-trailer for $4k (a single-wide).

When I was a kid, stamps ran around ten-cents.

When I was a kid, your average upscale car ran around $5k.

When I was a kid, you had four channels (the fourth was PBS, which you never watched, unless Monty Python was on).

When I was a kid, people were actually thrilled to go the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, and it was a big deal.  If you couldn't make it to the Opry, then you watched Hee Haw.

When I was a kid, "damn" was still a four-letter word.

When I was a kid, in 1975, Mannix, Gunsmoke and Adam-12 were coming to an end on TV.  The highlight of the week was Rockford Files, Happy Days and Welcome Back Kotter.

When I was a kid, in 1975, the only fast food within forty miles was Burger King, McDonalds, and Crystal Burgers (we didn't even have a Pizza Hut).

When I was a kid, your choice of sodas was Mountain Dew, Sundrop, Pepsi, Coke, Tab, and Doctor Pepper.  There wasn't much of a diet drink unless you had a glass of tap water.

You could still get a big glass of ice water (with crushed ice) when you sat down at a real restaurant 

When I was a kid, there was this thing starting up called Saturday Night Live.  The problem only came on after 1030 on Saturday night....when most folks were already asleep (in Bama).

When I was a kid, if you called more than forty miles was out-of-state or hefty charges.

When I was a kid....if you got suspended from the were in real trouble and it was questionable if they'd ever let you come back.

When I was a kid.....most cops that you ran into....were someone's cousin and just got the job because they wanted to wear a uniform and tote a pistol (yeah, that hasn't changed in forty years).

When I was a kid....the highlight of sports on Saturday was local wrestling with Tojo Yomamoto and Tommy "Wildfire" Rich, on TV.  It was announced by some local hoot (Grady Reeves) and you felt like you were actually at the studio when things would go out of control.

When I was a kid.....eight bucks and a afternoon at the county fair was worth a million bucks.

When I was a kid..... ninety-eight percent of the folks in the county had never flown on a passenger jet.  Seventy percent of the folks in the county had ridden Trailways or Greyhound.

When I was a kid.... Penicillin was about the only thing that would help you when you got real bad off.

When I was a kid....Aqua Velva was probably the most used aftershave by most guys.

When I was a thought that anyone making $25k a year were absolutely rich.

When I was a kid....TVs were still manufactured in America.

When I was a kid....the most sugar you could put into your system was a moonpie.

When I was a kid....Paul Harvey could squeeze all the news of the day into ten minutes and you really didn't need much more.  And if you felt like you needed a pick-me-up on'd listen as Paul Harvey gave you one of his fifty-two sermons a year which recharged your focus on life and made you appreciate living.

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