Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It is a Curious Game: Politics

South Carolina had an interesting situation develop.  Senator DeMint decided to step down...now.  He wasn't going to wait around....he had this one big opportunity to take the leadership of the Heritage Foundation (a right-wing conservative group).

The Governor of South Carolina has this great opportunity.  She thinks about for a week or two, and picks black Representative Tim Scott....who is a big name within Tea Party circles.  Folks in South Carolina get pumped up about the way that this has played out so far.

But then you start to think....if Representative Tim Scott stands down to take the new Senator job.....there's another chance for the Governor to pick a temp to stand as Representative until a special election is held.  Some folks think that she might pick Ms Sanford (the former wife of Governor Mark Sanford).

The election process?  It takes around five months, and whoever is the temp might have an upper hand.

If you remember former Gov Mark Sanford....he's the guy who said he was on vacation, but in reality....he was with a lusty Argentine gal (not his wife).

Strangely enough....yesterday, Mark Sanford came out and hinted that he might be thinking about running.  Course, if his wife was the other Republican contender.....it might create a pretty interesting race.

It'd be hard to find a place other than South Carolina where politics is talked about on a hour-by-hour basis these days.

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