Saturday, 8 December 2012

Just Observations

The Senate floor got all active this week as they needed internal passage of a rule that would allow popcorn and drinks on the floor during a display of "Lincoln" (the movie) on the Senate floor.  As important that the sequestration might ranked second for a couple of hours while this rule was roughed out and agreed upon by a majority of senators.  Why couldn't they go to a private theater and lounge in easy chairs to watch it?

Some Homeland Security folks were told to arrange a week of various exercises that security folks from across America would pay to view and participate San a private resort island of sorts there.  For one day of the exercise, they included this piece where zombies got loose in America, and Homeland Security forces had to quickly protect the public.  No joke.  So far, no one in Homeland Security will comment much on the chances of a zombie attack.  At the end of this have to wonder about who they hired and put into place for exercise development for Homeland Security.

A bunch of folks are getting all upset about a new MTV series called "Buckwild" (the adventures of young West Virginia kids at age eighteen).  Basically, they run around doing crazy stuff on crazy kids do in Bama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and South Carolina.  The only difference?  These kids are getting paid some cash for doing the normal crazy stuff that they always do.  The folks complaining?  They don't do much to get excited, and I think this wild stuff really bothers them.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Pentagon is all upset about recent events and generals doing naughty things.  So he thinks they need more ethics training.  You can imagine the deal....all the big generals meet at some Saturday function, get a four-hour presentation on ethics, and then do a group hug as they all admit they are cured of bad judgement on ethics.  A week later, they are swapping emails with some gal in Kentucky and have a relapse of bad judgement.  They call their ethics coach, and soon, there is intervention with General Joe or Admiral Barney.  Sitting off in France, some French four-star general is just sitting there with a beautiful blonde French gal on his lap, and just giggling uncontrollably over American judgement in such things.....sipping wine and eating some pretty decent caviar.  

Finally, an interesting move by the Supreme Court occurred this week....where they said they'd like to review two cases over gay marriage.  One involves an appeals court overturning the ban of gay marriage in California (after the population voted to say no for gay marriage).  The second case is whether Congress could enact a law that says that gay couples can't have federal benefits like a straight couple....which came out of 1996 legislation (the DOMA act).  I would suspect the Supremes will come to two different decisions....that a state can regulate itself by its own California ends up with no gay marriage unless another vote occurs.  The second part to this will be asking the question of how you can invent a very limited and defined way of handling federal benefits....from the Constitution.  If this had to do with commerce....the Congress might have a better foot to stand on, but it doesn't.  So prepare for a fairly wide array of shots by the Supreme Court....making most everyone unhappy.

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