Monday, 31 December 2012

Just Observations

So around two weeks ago....we all found out that Hillary Clinton had the flu and had collapsed onto the floor.....getting a concussion.....but never going to the hospital.  So today, we wake up and get the news that she's got a blood clot, in the hospital, and might be facing serious consequences.  Just an observation.....but here she is.....wife of the former president with healthcare for life because of his former job, and also having a four-star healthcare policy as Secretary of State.....but never using it a single bit to have herself checked at the hospital after the concussion.  Free healthcare, and never using it.

I watched about five minutes of the David Gregory interview with the President from this week.  It was like watching some eight-year old kid interview the President.  I'm not even sure that you could call it an interview.

Nine folks killed in a bus accident in Oregon.....but no one calling for safer bus controls?

The US Army packed up in some Afghanistan village and left in the middle of the night.  Locals are upset about this now....because they didn't pay their final 'rent' agreed upon when they arrived.  It would be interesting if the Afghans hire some lawyer guy in New Jersey and take them into court.

The fiscal cliff mess?  They've had this in the making for almost fifteen months.  They had tons of time to talk or work this out, and did nothing.  The odd thing is that for two hundred years....Congress worked up a budget....passed it, and got the Senate to agree to it in less than two months.  Since 2008.....nothing has worked Senate agreement or anything.  It would seem like that the Senate is more of a problem now.....than a solution.  Perhaps they are the ones who ought to be removed from the process.

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