Thursday, 6 December 2012

Just Some Thoughts

Occasionally, I have these ideas.

I have this one idea....if we could government subsidize a massive amount of weed-growth in America, and just hand out marijuana to everyone, on a massive scale....then we’d smoke enough not to notice how bad our health was, and die earlier from ailments that were never noticed...then we’d save a ton of money on unnecessary medical treatment. I admit, it’s an idea under development, but I think it has bold opportunity.  And yeah, some folks might not be happy about missing out on longer lives.

I have this one idea....running a network called "1960s", and just feature TV shows and movies from the 1960s.  I'm pretty sure I could cram twenty-four hours of 1960s TV into each day and surprise people at the various shows that just never got shown again (like Combat, Cheyenne, and Burke's Law).

I have this one idea....letting some kid on his sixteenth birthday not only test for his license....but test to graduate right out of high school....into the local community college, and even pay for the first two years with money that would have been spent on high school.

I have this one idea....of putting a 50-percent tax on booze and finance healthcare.  Course, I know some folks won't be happy about that.

I have this one idea....running actual delivery of the US mail to strictly Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you wanted to drive over and pick up your package on Monday or could stop in to find a minimum staff at the post office.....just enough to keep the doors open.

I even have this one idea of running a hotel-like complex with WW II-type tents and give you the rustic lifestyle image that you remember your uncle talking about over his memories of the big war, and how things were fairly simple.

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