Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Neighborhood

We had a murder here in DC just over a year ago.  Normally, it wouldn't have caught much attention.  Cops were obvious killer, the husband of woman murdered.  But since this woman was a 92-year old noted German gal, and the husband was this suspected nutcase of a husband (and German as well), then this got tunred into a fairly interesting episode.

The judge decided that the guy.....Albrecht Muth....was a fairly big nutcase, and needed an evaluation.  He was fearful of the case in court.

So after months of examination....the mental health guy came back yesterday to report to the judge.

"Al" the opinion of the mental health narcissistic.

"Al" the opinion of the mental health antisocial.

"Al" the opinion of the mental health schizotypal.

But by his opinion, Albrecht Muth is perfectly ok to be in court and sane.

The judge is stuck with a case where there's going to be a circus almost daily.  There's not much of a way that he can convene a court, and hope that a jury can come to a clear decision on the nutcase.

By DC standards, this is a pretty simple case, and the prosecutor would normally beg for cases like this.....course, you never have a nutcase as the killer.

My humble bet is that two weeks into the court case, the judge stops everything and has a second judge render the guy insane and put away.  I just don't see the case coming to a simple conclusion.

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