Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Simply Observations

Somewhere off in France, there's this village of Yvrac.  They had this fairly old property....with a 18th century chateau.  Recently, the property was bought by a Russian millionaire   It's safe to say....he knew what he was doing, or he thought he did.  There were a couple of buildings on the estate, and he wanted one of them torn down (bulldozed would be the right term to use).  The big fancy building....with a weeping stone staircase?  Oh no....that was supposed to be safe and just renovated.  Well....days passed and the bulldozer crew arrived, and then went by the instructions that they understood....tearing down a big fancy chateau.  Naturally, the mayor, and the folks in town are fairly upset by this.  The Russian guy? Well....he's upset, but not like these guys.  In fact, he said that he'd rebuild the chateau.  My impression is that it was lousy instructions, done on purpose, and he kinda wanted the old building gutted completely.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it just sounds like a scripted event.  

Folks got around to watching the new Lincoln movie, and were fairly shocked that Lincoln cussed so much.  A fair bit of profanity rolled right off his lips.  Well....days have passed and some historians now point out....Lincoln never cussed like that, and some folks were fairly loose with interpretation of jokes he told or were written later as quotes.  Again, you can never really trust a movie to tell the complete story.

Finally, I sat and watched a video-clip of a city council gal from Detroit talking about the necessity of getting Obama onboard to give funding to save Detroit.  In her words....they voted him they he owes them something.  After you watch this clip get to the point of wondering how the nation survives.  Everyone wants to be saved.....they spent all their "loot" and they've got to rock-bottom.  Where else can you find more "loot"?  The federal government?  This is pretty screwed-up.  

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