Monday, 10 December 2012

Simply Observations

We had an unusual event in DC last night....lady shot and killed on a Metro bus....around 6PM.  All the cops say of the was in the southeast (the part of DC you don't travel to), and the lady had her 3-year old daughter with her, wounded in the attack.  Based on one single get the impression that the lady was targeted (for whatever reason).  It's just another reason why people ought to pack up and leave the east-side of DC.

There's a good article over at Insider Education...over student debt.  Statistically, college debt has soared 500 percent since 1999.  What IE eventually gets around to suggesting in this that generally....bankruptcy doesn't allow you off the hook for student debt (by law).  They think the time has come to simply group it up and allow bankruptcy.  So you'd just quit paying on your loan....admit a bankruptcy and watch the $50k you owe just slide off the plate...say five years after you complete school and you finally feel overwhelmed.  The odds of student loan program surviving a massive bankruptcy situation?  Well....the kind folks at IE didn't really put that into the article.   They do suggest that lenders would be very hesitant to allow loans to occur anymore, but they don't mention that the federal government has assumed much of the new growth of student loans....and the government doesn't shy away from giving away such a loan at all.

Venezuela's Chavez has gone back to cancer treatment, and it doesn't look good.  So he appointed the next in line for his job (a bold indicator).  The curious thing?  This guy started out as a bass player for a rock band.  Then he found that he didn't really make serious money at rock music in Venezuela, and got himself a bus driver's job.  Eventually, he moved up the chain and became a union leader of sorts.  So you have to admire the guy to some extent....from bass player to small country dictator.  If there ever were a great story for a movie, this would be it.

Finally, it won't make the national news coverage....but during the first week of weed sales (open marijuana sales) in Washington-state....they had this unusual home invasion episode.  Two punks decided to invade some pot-grower's steal both weed and cash.  Both were shot dead by the owner.  Cops kind of lay out the fact that the homeowner had a substantial operation and was growing at a fairly hefty rate.  Yeah, he probably was making a fair amount of cash off his operation....which he said was built for the medical marijuana business.   My guess is that the cops will swarm all over the episode but agree that home invasion is a situation where you can shoot on the intruders.  Other than handing the bodies over to relatives....there's not much else to say or do.

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