Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Simply Observations

First, there's this court episode unfolding at Lackland Air Force Base....with a former NCO instructor.  He's got various charges, but there's little story that popped up yesterday....when a witness came up to discuss a matter.  While in a excited state....as most trainee kids are at Air Force basic training....Sarge apparently yelled at them to fill up their canteens....in a hurry.  And he even suggested that they were supposed to use all possible avenues, including the toilet (not the sink or shower, but the actual toilet).....which is what one young trainee did because of his interpretation of the event.  I sat there....pondering this.  As a young punk in August of 1977....I went through basic.  If some idiot instructor had ordered us to fill canteens with toilet water.....we would have all stood there....grinned, and just said we'd wait for the sink-water.  We weren't stupid or naive.  It kinda worries me that we have such naive folks...who would actually fill a canteen up with toilet water, if told to do so.

The Discovery Channel came out today to admit they are finally doing a scripted show.  I know....we all think that every single reality show is fake and scripted, but this will be a real show with a real script.  The theme.....Alaska...1890s....gold-period.  The show....to be called "Klondike", ought to be fairly interesting, with lusty women, manly men, and dogs named "Buck".  I hate to suggest this to the big three networks....but Discovery might actually find a huge fascination with history mixed into a scripted show. Toss in a wagon-train show making its way across Colorado, a tobacco farm in 1820s North Carolina, and a depression-era themed show in southern California....Discovery might get more interest than the big-three combined on one single night.

Finally, statistics are building up....showing a end-of-year low homicide rate for DC.  It's the lowest in forty-odd years....almost under 100 homicides for 2012.  The real reason for the decline?  Cops will say various things, but I've started to notice over the last year or two....massive use of video images from bus cameras, building cam's, and stores.  They catch one good picture....put it out on local networks, and within a couple of days....have a lead.  Someone calls in and ID's the dimwit in the picture.  Over and over....this is occurring.  It's almost a weekly event where the cops announce they caught some thug or murderer now.  And they are putting the guys into prison.  Finally, something good to say out of DC.

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