Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Law

It won't make the national news....but folks up in Huron, South Dakota got around to making a new law, which dictates that you can't eat.....while driving a car.  The fine....if caught.....$15 (called distracted driving).

I sat there for a while and pondering this new law.  Forty years ago, you generally stopped what you were doing and actually walked into a McDonalds and ate your burger right there.  Same way for Wendys....Burger King.....Pizza Hut.

I've come to realize that things have changed.  We now see nothing wrong in stopping and grabbing a couple of burgers and eating along the way to home.  Same way in the morning....stopping and picking up a coffee and a couple of donuts to eat while cruising into work.

Are we distracted?  Well....if all of a sudden you had a jelly donut to leak while in your might miss that red light or fail to see that idiot turning out into the street.  It's true.

In a town of 12k residents, this might not matter too much.  I'm guessing that the donut shops are a bit worried over folks changing their habits.  McDonalds might be upset and have to entice you just little extra to get you to stop once or twice a week.  But I suspect for the most part.....folks will just sneak a bit here and there, and just keep going.  You figure even if the cops are's just $15.  Maybe you get caught once a year, and it doesn't matter.

The sad part about this?  It's just another law on top of 50k other laws that you try to obey.  In the vastness of know that they can only increase....never decrease.  Luckily, there's no law against applying lipstick, brushing your teeth, or scratching....while driving.  At least, not yet.

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