Friday, 14 December 2012

The Problem With Society

In the past week....we've had two mass shooting there's going to be massive chatter for the next week....over guns, homicide, mass shootings, Constitutional rights, and society.  Just some observations.

First, historically, in the can find one incident with a mass just wasn't something that occurred on a yearly or monthly basis.  Somewhere in the seventies....we bumped up to a dozen incidents per year.  Over the past decade....there's at least a hundred episodes per year where some guy goes off the handle and shoots relatives, co-workers, friends, church-members, or just folks in a crowd.  If you's rare to never....where a woman does a mass shooting.  A gal might shoot a husband or boyfriend...but other than that, it never happens.

So you come to review testosterone.  If women don't do mass shootings....then a bodily function falls into play.  Some scientist guys will laugh over this, but you ask them to find the female mass shooters, and the numbers simply don't exist.

Second, rage and frustration are at the heart of each matter.  Some guy has lost the ability to control his emotions, and gone to the extent of bringing harm to others as his method of fixing the "problem".

Third, on any given day....we probably have 250k people in some type of threat mode.  Simply by made it to McDonalds, the gas station, work, and got home....because none of those 250k folks launched into one of their tirades.

Fourth, a bunch of folks will run up and say automatic weapons are the culprit of the issues.  The truth is that shootings occur with small caliber guns and pistols just as much.  You could remove all heavy-grade automatic weapons tomorrow....and we'd still have mass homicides.

Fifth, we have a number of methods existing to deny you the opportunity to vote.  It's not written into the Constitution  but we invented various methods to take your vote away.  So, it would not be impossible to take away your right to a weapon.  Personally, the minute you've threaten someone and there's witnesses to the probably ought to have your right to a weapon revoked for two years.  The threat of losing your right to a weapon....might make you think twice over making silly threats to the neighbors.

Sixth, some folks will argue that if everyone carried a weapon, then it's more likely we'd take down these guys quickly.  You could make another simple suggestion that every teacher ought to be armed.  Maybe every bus driver.  Eventually, you'd have two hundred million Americans walking around armed.  I'm not sure if this is a smart idea.

Seventh and final.....the original idea of a right to have a weapon came from the British concept of taking and storing weapons from a community, if they felt the owners could not be trusted.  Taking weapons away today.....invites people to ask who can they trust and who protects who.  Whatever fears existed in the 1770s....likely exists today.

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