Monday, 10 December 2012

The Question

At some point today...between the various political talk-shows....there was this moment where a Republican strategist (Mary Matalin).....asked the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman an odd question.

Paul Krugman is this unusual character that ABC drags out to comment on economics.  He won a Nobel Prize for Economics a couple of years ago (2008), and ever since then....he's considered an absolute expert on economics.

The general problem that I have with that his advice isn't exactly that type that you'd hear from anyone on the Wall Street Journal staff.  Generally....whatever the Journal folks advise....Krugman takes an exact opposite view.  His logic....usually defies real world situations, and it's the stuff you'd talk about in a classroom.

So Mary finally tossed this question at Paul...."Are you an economist or a polemicist? Just make up your mind".

I had to go and look up was an odd term that you just don't hear usually.

If you are in the middle of a debate....a polemicist is a guy isn't there to debate his position....he's there to  make absolute proof of what he says, and absolutely deny what the other guy is saying.  In the case here, Mary is cornering him to represent his profession of economics....not some political stand by the White House or some party.  Krugman couldn't maneuver around that comment by Mary Matalin.

The problem with the Sunday political chat that half the folks that appear....are mostly comedians who pretend to be experts on something.  I'm guessing they make a fair amount of salary doing this kind of work, but frankly...I've gotten to the point where I mostly laugh at responses that they make.

It might be time to switch back over to Japanese monster movies on Sunday morning.

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