Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Senate Game

It takes a few minutes to explain the Senate game.

Senator John Kerry is being pursued as the next Secretary of State.  Course, if accepted....he has to resign as Senator, and the governor of Massachusetts has to pick someone to sit in the office for roughly four months....until an election could be held.  The inside choice right now to Ted Kennedy's widow...Vicki.  Folks wanted to pick her back when Ted died, but there were some curious things that occurred.

You see....Ted's folks (the real Kennedys)....have a problem with Vicki.  Vicki is not of the Cape Cod crew or a real Massachusetts individual.  Vicki, you see....came from Louisiana.

Vicki is a lawyer, and fairly well-connected into the Democratic Party.  Vicki got connected up to Ted Kennedy in the early 1990s....helping him stabilize his life....get clean and sober, and go the straight and narrow path (at least, folks tell you this and you are supposed to believe it).

For some folks in Massachusetts, Vicki has paid a fair price for her keeping Ted alive another decade.

For the inside members of the Kennedy family, they tend to see her as simply bumping into Ted....using him for his last decade to move up the Democratic Party ladder, and preparing herself for the eventual grand anointment of being the "Kennedy" senator from Massachusetts   Naturally, they don't see her as being worthy of the Kennedy name.

She's hinted that she really doesn't want to be appointed  but I'm guessing that the governor will find some logic in picking her.  The problem is that an election occurs several months later.  The Republicans might actually find someone to make this a tough race.  And the Kennedy family members might actually find a real Kennedy to insert in the Democratic primary against her.

An interesting race?  Yeah.  A Kennedy versus a Kennedy.  You just don't have races like that everyday.

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