Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Subway Episode

A couple of days ago in New York City....down on a subway platform....some guy got into a moment of discussion with some homeless guy.  It's safe to say that the homeless guy went into some tirade, and then pushed the other guy onto the tracks....where a subway car approaching....killed him.

The incident was filmed by the dead man's girlfriend.

When I arrived in DC in 2010 and went walking through the various areas of the District....I came to realize there were a lot of homeless folks.  There were also a high number of nuts.  You could pass by a character who'd suddenly make eye contact and then start to yell at you.  After you'd seen two or three of these start to avoid any eye contact with any of the homeless people.

Dangerous?  On any given day in could have an episode where a homeless guy just goes off and starts fighting another homeless guy or attacking someone on the street.

There ought to be ways to put these folks into a mental institute, but no one wants to responsibility over an issue like that.

The family of the dead guy in New York City?  Well....they say they wish that people around the platform would have come to the aid of their relative before he got killed.  No one much mentions the nutcase.  A judge-ordered mental exam will take a couple of months and I expect the guy to be declared unfit to stand trail and then placed into a life-long situation within a mental institute.  It's not the best deal for anyone, but this is all you get.   

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