Saturday, 15 December 2012

You'd Like to Jump on Gun Control, But......

....this shooter kid didn't buy his weapons....he took them from Mom's gun's collection that she was legally and competently holding.

.....the shooter kid could have easily gun to the internet and gotten the ingredients and instructions on building pipe bombs, which would have killed numerous people anyway.

.....most all gun sales people are using the national database to already check out people buying the gun....who in 99.9 percent of cases....pass the routine check. start to think over the concept of "drug control" which doesn't really get drugs off the street.  But if you believed in control, then starting "bear control" would stop bear attacks, starting "bridge control" would stop bridges from failing, and starting "ID theft control" would absolutely prevent ID theft.  Only the naive believe in such controls ever working.

....if you did start start identifying 2k people a month for permanent mental health imprisonment, you'd have a second campaign going on to free the 2k folks from this terrible mental health institute.'ve kind of noticed that DC outlawed handguns, and it hasn't helped much at all.'ve noticed that a few of these episodes each year revolve around automatic rifles, but the vast majority are regular handguns.  So unless you were willing to go back to the old fashion one-round rifles or pistols, there's not much to discuss.'ve noticed that drunk-driving deaths are a bigger occurrence than handgun deaths.....yet regulation on alcohol and driving hasn't done much.

At the end of the day, you come to realize that you aren't willing to put thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of people into mental institutes.  Then you come to realize that there are various ways to kill off large groups of people.  And then you come to realize that databases have massive holes in them for practical uses.  So other than listening to some political figure chat for an hour about the word "control" don't know what exactly can be done.

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