Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I finally used the Dulles International Airport that we have locally here in Virginia.  I have to admit.....it is probably the best airport in America.  I know the folks in Atlanta and Miami hate to hear that....but I think it's the truth.

First, I have to admit that the TSA folks that work over there....probably have a pretty positive attitude.  Going and coming.....they were the friendliest TSA folks that I've come across.

Second, ease of getting around?  They go out of their way to make everything simple.

Third, getting to and from the airport is fairly simple.  I ended up using the METRO bus to get over there....for seven bucks.  I returned via a commercial shuttle operation for ten bucks.  Everything worked like the advertisements said.

The curious thing?  There just aren't any fast food operations (McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc) at the airport.  I noticed this trend at Detroit and Atlanta recently.....where they brought in all types of fast foot at better prices.  Dulles appears to be fighting the trend.

The Love of Law

I sat and read over an odd news topic today.....40k new state laws that passed as in effect as of 1 January.  The list goes on and on....safety laws, work laws, school laws, etc.  You can imagine this massive political group of sorts....lawmakers from every state....working day and night....to put into effect 40k new laws.

The odds of these being enforced?  Well....we'd probably have to make a law that they had to be enforced, and that's the sad thing about such a high number of laws.

Colorado passed a law that says if a football coach, at any level in the state, has a player who gets hit in the head....then he has to remove the kid from the game, and the kid has to be certified by a real doctor....before he can return.  You might need forty kids on your team....just to possibly have enough players at the forth quarter to complete the game.  Naturally.....doctors stand to profit off this because they will have to examine lots of kids during games, and immediately after games.

Illinois made up a law that says if you say anything on a website against another student or a school employee....then the school can expel you.  So if you commented about the school's terrible meals cooked by some half-wit in the school cafe area.....you could be kicked out.  Or if you made up a list of all the slutty girls in your school....you could be kicked out.  The possibility of this being enforced?  I'm guessing less than one percent.

And for 2013?  I'm expecting just as many new laws....if not more.  One way or another, we are going to fix America....even if it takes twenty million laws.