Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Between a Rock and Virginia

We have a funny rule in Virginia....that if you want to run in a Presidential primary....you have to come up with 11k folks signing a petition in the state.  Oh, and from the 11k, you have to have 400 folks as a minimum from each voting district.  Don't ask me why....it's the Virginia way though.

So, this major problem has occurred, which affects me greatly.  Apparently....only Ron Paul and the Mitt...were able to get their petitions into the systems and stamped ok.  The Rick duo?  Nope.  Newt?  Nope.  And that Huntsman guy?  Nope.

I'm in a major state of pondering.  Two choices....from one far extreme to the other extreme.  To be honest, I just can't vote for Mitt, under much of any circumstances.  And I really can't find logic to vote for Ron Paul. So I have to think of this problem as to who I will vote against (the worser of evils).  And the answer?

Yes, I'm voting for Ron Paul in the Virginia primary.  There is only the logical reason of voting against Mitt Romney.

I'm guessing across the state now....that over half of Republican voters are stuck in this silly mental state.  They wanted the other choices, but faced with this situation....they will vote for Ron Paul.

Here's the sad thing.  A dozen major dimwits will appear that night on TV and analyze the number and try to explain to America why Ron Paul won the Virginia primary.  It will be bogus reasons across the board.  Most of America will believe we are nuts, and simply unable to come to a rational candidate.  We Virginians will be labeled in various ways....sadly....because four other guys couldn't find 11k voters to sign a petition in their name, or they thought they were paying the right university kid to do all of this....and simply lost track of things.

So Ron Paul wins in Virginia and represents this shocker across America.  The truth?  Some old Republican guys decided to rig up the rules to have a shocker of an election, and draw attention to the state.  Nothing more.

My vote?  Totally wasted, but maybe it pushes Ron Paul up over the edge and facing President Obama.  There's no telling what happens at that point.