Thursday, 12 January 2012

Simply Observations

Here in the northeast, we have this odd story.  Virginia college kid....goes to New York City for Christmas holidays....disappears on 30 December in the Big Apple....hasn't been seen since.  His family back in Virginia and his buddies at Virginia Commonwealth University....are all in a panic mood.  The kid, Ian Burnet, has been gone two weeks now.  The folks he was visiting with?  Well....they saw him on the 30th....and then the kid left his cellphone there in the apartment....walking out to check out the city.  I looked at the address they gave for the apartment....139th Street and Riverside Drive.  It's about three minutes walking from the harbor.  I'd hate to suggest it, but I would suspect the kid probably walked over....met up with weird robbed.....and got tossed into the harbor.  This being December....he had about sixty seconds of survival time, and then went under.

"I promise you, change will come."   This is a quote from yesterday and President Obama.  Personally, I would have avoided making a comment like this, but you get all charged on the campaign trail and say silly things occasionally.  Maybe change will eventually come....2015, maybe 2016.....or maybe into 2017 when the next guy comes along.  Who knows?

I went to the doc yesterday.  The last time I went over was in October.  I walked in the front door, and came to be surprised that his staff of five folks had completely turned over in less than 100 days.  I made some comment to the front-desk gal and she had this a quote that she'd been told to offer...."some people had left".  Then she wanted me to know that my insurance company hadn't paid for October's episode, and the doc wouldn't see me unless I paid now....$214.  I was kinda aggravated by this.  I knew nothing had come from my health insurance company, so obviously....the doc's folks had never submitted the bill like they were supposed to.  So I said fine....give me a receipt.  Well....they had a printer'd be tomorrow.  So I responded....fine....send me a PDF to my email account.  Then she looked at me oddly and said that they didn't have scan capability, and they didn't have internet in the office.   So the best I could get was a fax....the next day.  Something just doesn't add up here.  I'm used to German doctors rushing into an office....asking five questions....signing some form, and moving onto the next patient.  This guy barely does five patients an hour, and I doubt that he's clearing that much money.  If I were picking a business that might go bankrupt....his operation would be at the top.

Finally, here in DC....the folks are busy trying to write up a gay divorce law.  You see....they got all pumped up and passed a gay marriage law last year....but never thought for a minute about how you'd divorce your new spouse.  So they've had to become a bit creative because folks offer up some evidence that they reside in Washington to get gay-married.  Well....folks move around and there's all kinds of problems because forty-odd states don't and won't carry a gay divorce clause.  The idea is that as long as one spouse claims Washington as a living location.....they can use this discussed gay-divorce deal.  The humorous side to this is that they rushed in to create gay marriage but never created an escape situation.

Only in America.