Friday, 13 January 2012

Simply Observations

Natalee Holloway, our Bama gal who disappeared in Aruba....was finally declared dead yesterday.  It took over six years, but her father finally said enough.....and figured there just wasn't going to be another outcome to this story.  I can imagine the situation and it's really something you'd not wish on anyone.  You can't really have closure on this matter how you play the cards.  From the very beginning....I didn't have any optimistic thoughts on this.  Aruba isn't the perfect little island getaway that most folks think of.  There's lots of drugs and booze, and you can end in the company of various bad characters.  It is a sad deal for Bama, and for the Holloway family.

I sat and watched over this pardon episode with the Governor of Mississippi....Haley Barbour.  My impression is that almost no one in the Governor's office did any real research, and there had to be some kind of stupidity issue tied into this mess.   For this reason, I'd like to suggest that no Governor or President ought to be given full pardon power.  They ought to be able to recommend a guy for a pardon, to a three-man group who would meet three months later to read over the situations and if the majority of the three men agree....then it's a done deal.  Barbour, in my humble opinion, is an idiot and probably did a fair amount of damage to his reputation as he wrapped up his final week in the Governor's job.

Finally, some Amish guys up in Kentucky....have stood up and said that they have some religious conflicts with those red triangles that you have to hang off your buggy (by state law).  Most Amish....99 percent of them, have no issue and readily obey various states which require this.  Apparently, this 'sect' of Amish, thought that the red color was too flashy and conflicted with God.  I sat and pondered over this....God did make the rainbow, redwood trees, and the color red.  It's hard for me to see how red is some flashy color and conflicts with God.  On the other side of the coin, I'm of a religious sect that has problems with small cars, and believe that they are the work of the devil.   I know some other folks who believe that God personally engineered and built the Ford F-150, and have driven one such vehicle for the past twenty years of their life and cannot imagine a day without God's handiwork.  Once you start inflicting God onto vehicles, tags, or road've probably attended one too many church meetings and need to go spend three weeks in New cleanse your spirit.