Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Simply Observations

The Obama administration came out yesterday, via the Interior Department, with an interesting ban.  Roughly fifteen years after they became a problem....the government finally decided to ban the import of various "big" snakes (Anacondas, Pythons, etc).  Most folks in the southern half of Florida will tell you that there is a serious problem. The experts don't even want to guess how many there are in the Everglades.  So if you want a "big" will have to buy one from an American guy, thus driving up the prices across the nation.  This is something that should have been done a decade ago by the Bush administration, but they just didn't want to handle the problem.  The sad thing here is that someone should have stood up back in the 1980s and said something then.

A couple of days ago....about half-way between Miami and London....some automated message deal came on...on board a British Airways jet.  Somewhere around 3AM....this automated voice came on and say something to the effect....'crap, we are about to ditch the plane in the water....hold tight'.  I admit, it probably was a bit more British and official....but it basically awoke everyone on the plane, and they went into a huge panic within seconds.  It was bogus, and the airline is trying to figure out the cause (probably some Microsoft glitch).  Passengers were peeved, and holding the folks responsible.  They want some kind of compensation for almost crapping in their pants.  The sad thing here is that most of the British guys were probably wasted and didn't even realize a message had been played.  Probably half of the British women onboard were also 'toasted', and didn't realize anything until hours later when they landed.  Not to slam the Brits too much.....but few would ever waste a chance on board a plane....not to be fairly drunk.

There's this odd story out of Iraq.  The Iraqis are wanting back a piece of a Saddam statue that was torn down at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, when everyone got all peppy and tied up dump trucks to Saddam statues and were yanking them down left and right.  Somewhere in the midst of this mess...some British solder got the "butt" of a Saddam statue, and hauled it later back to the UK, where he made it into some artistic deal.  He felt he'd make money off Saddam's butt.....but never has.  Meanwhile, word got back to Iraq, and frankly.....they want Saddam's butt back.  You can imagine the British authorities reviewing this case. Some British lawyer is asking stupid questions, and some foreign office dimwit is talking about the respect you owe Saddam's butt.  It's like one of those Monty Python episodes, if you ask me.  And I wouldn't ship it back to Iraq.  I'd probably take over one of the Queen's private gardens and bury six feet under some weeds.

Finally, up in LeRoy High School, of New York state (north of New York City, but south of Rochester), there's this group of girl students at the local school.....who all show symptoms similar to Tourette's Syndrome.  This all involves body movements, tic's, and verbal responses that are typically not what you'd utter in front of Grandma (damn, f***, s***, etc).  The school is a bit disturbed by's more than one or two (maybe going up to a dozen young ladies).  So far, no guys are involved.  I read through five different articles.  Basically.....I think the whole thing is bogus and the girls are just playing everyone for a fool.  Statistically, you can't have a cluster of say twelve young teenage girls suddenly appearing within a six-month period with Tourett's symptoms, all in the same school.  To accomplish this....they'd all need to do some type of drug that triggers such an event.....either legal or illegal.  So I'm sorry girls.....but I just won't buy it.....I think the act is bogus.  This reminds of a SouthPark episode, for some odd reason.  Right now.....parents from the local area are demanding answers, and it looks like the county and state health folks are descending down on the mess.  Looks like a $250k study needs to be conducted....if you ask me.  I can say this though....if it is a'll run across the US in a matter of months, and every single kid will want to have mimic Tourette's Syndrome.  Schools will go into a panic mode as millions of kids utter four-letter words on a hourly basis.  Maybe the Russians are behind this (something Ron Paul would suggest).  

My Neighborhood

We've had several curious episodes in my neighborhood.

First, the Occupy dudes were supposed to have a big huge converging of members up on capital hill yesterday.  Originally, there were supposed to be almost a million coming to DC.  Then the permit for the march and protest....said 10k would be showing up.  So yesterday, there simply were 'hundreds' that showed up to converge on Congress.  It is the middle of January....although yesterday's weather was mild for January.  If they had aimed for a Saturday episode....then the Occupy leadership could have bused in forty thousand folks from the six-state region around DC, but Congress wouldn't have been open on Saturday to greet them.  Maybe we need some kind of rule requiring Congressmen to work an occasional more protesters could protest against them.....just to be fair.

Second, DC passed a funny 'rat' bill a few months ago.  It basically said, if you as a professional rat-catcher...come to acquire a rat or two, then you are required to remove them from the District and transport them to a suitable wildlife area.  Course, there are no wildlife areas in DC (it's hard to squeeze something like that into a six by six mile area).  So naturally, this brings up the hostile feelings of the Virginia Attorney General, who has finally realized that the DC professionals are driving across the river and dumping rats off into Virginia wooded lands.  He says the rats need to be put down where they are caught.....pure and simple.  I'm guessing he might try to introduce a bill into Virginia's legislature that requires the importation of rats into Virginia to require a license, and $10 fee.  If caught dumping DC rats....then maybe a $10k fine would be appropriate.  It's sad that government activities have come to the point where they tell you when and where you can kill a rat (which is never), and some other political figure wants to stop you from dumping on their soil.

Third, some Occupy folks tossed a smoke bomb or two over the fence toward the White House.  Naturally, this was timed so that the First Couple were out of the house.....partying it up for the wife's birthday.  Secret Service folks got all peppy, and about half of the eight hundred folks at the back-gate suddenly disappeared when the smoke bombs got tossed over.  Based on the President being out of the White House at the humble guess is that this was mostly scripted.

Fourth, that idiot who fired a couple of rounds at the White House with his AK-47 back in November and got caught?  Well....the feds finally came up and decided that they will try him for at least seventeen charges.  Frankly....unless he can convince folks he is crazy....he's looking for a minimum of fifty years in prison.  So far, he's been acting fairly nuts, but no mental health professional will declare him insane.  I'm guessing he's got an uphill battle here and might ought to think about admitting to a couple of charges and hoping for a deal for twenty-five years in prison.

Fifth and final, the DC city council is moving closer to the mary-j-u-wanna situation.  This week, the council approved a bill which would limit the number of cultivation centers and sales centers in each district.  Some residents of DC....especially from northeast and southeast....suddenly came to realize that they might end up with a hundred cultivation centers and probably just as many sales shops.  You can imagine vast stretches of neighborhood....being just dope sales points.  So you are now limited to five cultivation 'farms' and one sales shop in a district.  This is all for medical marijuana, not to confuse with real marijuana (each plastic baggy will be stamped, so that makes it official).