Saturday, 21 January 2012

Why the Media Boys Might be Worrying

So you come to July, and you've got a Presidential race with Newt and the President.  You work for ABC, NBC, CBS, the PBS crowd, or CNN.....and you'd like to have a payraise or better deal in 2013.  You gaze over at how Newt manhandles media analysts and news folks.

Over the spring of 2012.....Newt has dumped a good bit of negativity over various networks....except Fox News.  Numbers have slipped for most of the major networks....except Fox.  The independent folks?  Well....they just aren't watching in the numbers that existed in 2008.  Commerical advertisers?  They have smiled at the negotiation table and asked for ten and twenty percent off what was the normal advertising rates.  Things aren't going well.

So you stand there in August, and your news division chief, and the CEO....want you to run negative news pieces against Newt.  You start to ask about a new contract and guaranteed pay raise....which they laugh about.  You bring up the lowering numbers of viewers.  They don't care.  So you smile and suggest that you might run their negative piece....but it'll look like something that a 2-year college kid would produce down in southern Mississippi.

Things go back and forth, with PBS and a few newspapers working the frontlines because most of the network guys are worried about their future and their economic prosperity.  The White House guys can't understand why their game strategy isn't being being played aggressively.

The second wife of Newt brought out for another tour?  Well...the only folks watching her in August of 2012....are Democrats.  Nobody much cares for another round of hearing her complain about Newt being unethical.

I know we are a couple of months away from the real ending of this primary business.....and Mitt could still win.  But I'm thinking the last person that the President or the media want to face in the Newt.  He's capable of throwing questions right back at the wannabe journalists.  People like that attitude.  And it's likely to bring in ten percent of the national independent vote just because of attitude alone.

Just my two cents of observation.

The Truth About School Meals

Some folks out in Los Angeles decided that school lunches just weren't right.  They weren't nutritional.  They didn't have health aspects that kids ought to be eating.  So they went into turbo mode, switched over completely, and actually won some food awards for improving nutrition in the schools.  So the kids took one look at the new menus.....and said no.  They wouldn't eat the stuff.  You had new fangled vegetarian curries, fancy and healthy tamales, special salads, and plain healthy Thai noodles.  And this simply wasn't going to be touched.

So you imagine the crowds of going into the lunch room.....with stuff that they've brought from home....loaded with all the bad stuff.  The school cooking staff have done just about everything by the book, and made nutritional experts happy.....but it won't be touched by the kids.

I grew up in a rural school in Bama.  For nine was probably a decent meal that they cook, for a lousy 40-cents.  You always had some soup....loaded with potatoes and a few small pieces of meat each week.  You had some small piece of roast beef with a heeping serving of mashed potatoes.  And you tended to always get some piece of cheap cake without much frosting on it.  Kids generally ate the stuff, but I have to admit that it did have a taste to it.

As I switched over to another school in the tenth grade....I came to face a cafeteria staff that was a notch or two lower than the previous one.  I might have eaten once or twice a week in the place....but usually I'd have a Snickers bar somewhere and got by with that.  The pizza they did cook....was a second rated Chef-Boy-r-D type, and usually loaded with too much cheese (probably the free stuff that they got from the federal guys).   I think over the last three months at that school before I graduated....I never ate anything they cooked.  I didn't have much respect for these types of operations.

Then I went off to the Air Force, and discovered some of the best chow possible.  They made up great grilled ham and cheese sandwhiches in 90 seconds flat.  You got a plate full of stew that probably had an abundance of sodium in it.....but it filled you up.  I admit that they probably spent $1.50 for what we ate, but you cleaned up the plate.

The problem with these school menus is that you have to deliver something of nutrition that only costs around a buck for each kid.  The truth is.....the kids just won't touch it.  So you have this choice....don't cook nothing for them and allow them to bring stuff of a zero-nutritional value situation into the school, or give them food at a higher cost with lesser nutrition.  Some parents will get all disturbed because they want everyone at the school to suffer and save them from sugar, sodium, and fat.  In a way, it's a lose-lose-lose situation.

My advice to you punk kids....get some saltine crackers....some cheese....some peanut butter....a Snickers bar.....a Pepsi....a bag of peanuts....and make yourself happy.  These fools running the schools usually sneak back to the teacher's a 1,500 calorie Burger King meal that they had delivered by Joe the custodian at the school.....and you just have to accept the fact that they don't care much about your own meals.