Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Neighborhood

The DC government (the city council and Mayor) are supposed to be meeting with the attorney general from Virginia and some Maryland officials.....all over rats.  Months ago, DC passed some ordnance that said if you called up an extermination guy, and he could catch the rat/mouse alive....he was supposed to deliver it alive to a wooded area.  Naturally, DC has no wooded areas, so it meant driving across the river and dumping it into Maryland or Virginia.  Folks in both states got hostile about this.  So this is now referred to, in the local press....as the "rat-summit".  It's comical in a way.  Twenty years ago....you would have put out rat poison, had a dead rat, and tossed it into the garbage can to be picked up.  Now, you have some idiot driving twenty miles in a truck to dump some rat in the swamps of Maryland or the rurals of Virginia.  Then a bunch of idiots get upset over it being a DC rat, instead of a local state rat.

Cops got a phone call a few days ago over our missing Alexandria activist (Lenny Harris).  He disappeared a couple of months ago, but they eventually found his cellphone and car.  Well....the phone call said to venture out to some abandoned house, find a well next to it, and the body was at the bottom.  It was Lenny.  Normally, when folks disappear in the DC region....you never find the body.  In this case....someone felt bad about the whole circumstance, and finally gave enough info to find him.  The cops would like to know more, but whoever commented on this event and the location....probably doesn't want anymore attention on the matter.

The Occupy guys were directed not to camp out anymore on federal property.  So the Park Service deemed the definition to mean....no sleeping bags, but tents were ok.  I paused over this explanation.  If I asked a thousand camping experts....they'd all say that once you lay out a tent, you are camping.  Only the National Park Service would stand up and say you have to have sleeping bags to camp out.  So virtually every single Occupy guy is in position and haven't moved an inch.  They have guys posted around the camps now....watching for cops to move forward and then stage an alarm for everyone.  It's become like some episode of "Dallas", and developed into a 2-star soap opera.

The Florida Primary

I've come to realize a couple of things about this Florida primary.  First, Mitt had to absolutely win.  Even if my one point.....in a winner take all situation.....he had to come out ahead or face serious questions.

Second, ad coverage.  Mitt ended up buying over 12k ad's across the state on radio and TV over the past month or two.  Newt?  Less than 300 ad's.  He didn't have the money to start with.  But it's a curious thing that if he did have money.....he elected to save it for another day.

Third, Florida was normally supposed to run their primary a few weeks later.  They made a decision to push it forward, and the Republican party decided to punish them, by taking away half their delegates to the convention.  So instead of 100 delegates.....even if Mitt wins.....he only gets 50 delegates out of this whole experience.

Fourth and final, Newt will probably come in second, falling five points behind Mitt.  But Mitt spent a ton of money to get this win, and only walks away with half the normal state delegates.  It's a win of questionable value.

I hate to suggest this, but it's almost a scripted event.  Newt barely made any real effort on this, I think because of the decreased power and significance of the delegate count.  Mitt ended up spending a huge amount of his funding to get this win....does he still have a big bucket for the next two or three states?  I'm of the humble opinion that Florida might not really mean very much.