Monday, 6 February 2012

The Super Bowl

I watched the game....not the half-time show.  So I missed the Madonna episode and the fancy finger of some gal in the show.  Naturally, this morning....the big hype is the last few minutes of the game, and this finger episode.  I went back and looked at the video of the finger episode.....and yeah, she knew precisely what she was doing.

NBC stood up to apologize....mostly because their seven-second squad of guys who were supposed to black-out problems in the half-time show....didn't work right.  So, Grandma got a couple of seconds of some gal in fancy outfit, giving the finger, but she probably didn't even realize it because she's got a 24-inch TV and it comes in fuzzy off the antenna.  Grandpa probably did see it.....but it probably took him three minutes to fully grasp that she was giving the finger to the crowd.  Uncle Karl missed it....mostly because he was in the bathroom for most of the half-time show.  Your buddy Louis.....did notice it fully....only because he bought a new 62-inch LCD TV.

Frankly, I'm probably of the old crowd that mostly watches the game, for game reasons.  I just don't have the desire to watch the half-time show....mostly because it's just a draw for folks to watch to catch the commercials.

Adding to this mess is the pre-game episode where Matt from the Today Show ended up interviewing the President, as part of the whole game episode.  Matt wanted everyone to know that he was going to ask more questions.....which would only be seen at 7AM on Monday......again, another gimmick to draw you to their morning commercials.

Not to lean against the Super Bowl.....but it's starting to become something less than just a championship game.  Maybe those NCAA guys will eventually figure this out and hype down their mess.

Oh, and the Clint Eastwood Chrysler "half-time in America" commercial?  It's probably a decent commercial, but wouldn't make me want to buy a Chrysler.  Chrysler has been stuck at the half-time point for thirty years....sadly.  And I don't see this helping much.

My Neighborhood

It was a long weekend for the Occupy guys in DC.  The cops came early on Saturday to Occupy at McPherson Square, where the young punk Occupy folks camp out.  Around 6AM, their site was covered in a pretty strategic fashion by a fair number of cops.  Even the news media admitted that it was coordinated like a opera....with all the police standing quietly and only one person speaking to the Occupy folks.

The McPherson Square Occupy folks have a unique management one in charge.  Basically....they all generally huddle and share their opinion.  In a group situation like this.....there is no central theme or person in charge.  It took around an hour for the Occupy folks to finally agree on vacating and allowing the cops to "clean" their mess.

Based on news reports....the maintenance crew found plenty of trash, dead rats, live rats, bottles of urine, and urine-soaked sleeping bags.  It was a pure and simple mess.  The sad thing is that these folks were intending to just continue in such an environment.

What remained at McPherson Square after this?  There were a few odd tents left.  You can stay out there.....but sleeping bags and long-term equipment are forbidden.  You can't cook at the site either.  The amusing thing is that the Occupy guys wanted everyone to know that they were staying interview after interview.

So Sunday came, and the cops arrived at the Freedom Plaza....the second Occupy site in DC.  This is a bit different in terms of management.  They have mostly the 1960s crowd....older generation folks.  Yes, they are a bit organized.  Yes, they have rules.  Yes, they require daily cleaning of their site.  Yes, they don't let anyone just walk in and camp out.  Yes, they are friendly toward the local homeless crowd, but they don't let them become part of their camp.  And yes, they aren't likely to do heavy drugs or consume vast amounts of booze.

The cops found a friendly unit, and their cleaning of the Freedom Plaza campsite didn't take that long.  One guy ended up arrested for being a bit hostile toward the cops, but everyone else was friendly, and their mess didn't amount to anything much....compared to the younger generation Occupy over at McPherson Square.

The sun will rise on this Monday, with a cleaned up Occupy situation in DC.  The only thing you can get out of this whole mess?  If you were ever given a choice of camping out with'd best avoid the young punks, and settle for the older hippy generation protesters.