Saturday, 11 February 2012

Gulf of America?

It kinda came out this week in Mississippi.....that some political folks do have a sense of humor.  This state legislature guy in Mississippi......a Democrat, no less....introduced a bill that would rename the Gulf of Mexico, into the Gulf of America.

Naturally, there is a point to this comical suggestion....that we've taken this anti-immigrant deal to some pretty far extremes, and he wants some Republican dimwits to stand up and voice their approval to his bill.  So far, based on commentary.....the Mississippi Republicans are being careful about what they say in public.  I'm guessing half of them had this idea last year and just held back.

Some folks might actually take this serious, and you might even see a couple of folks in Bama who suddenly get into this Gulf of America business.  Heck, they might even want to name it the Gulf of Alabama....just rub the Mississippi guys the wrong way.

By next week....rumors will be flying around the south that various efforts are underway....the Gulf of Florida project, the Gulf of Texas project, and maybe even the Gulf of Gulf Shores project.  Eventually, everyone will settle down....sip some Pabst.....and settle on keeping things the way they are.  It's best not to be messing around with place names....otherwise, you'd end up with folks arguing over names....rather than politics or NCAA bowl selections.