Monday, 20 February 2012

Just A Second on the Whole Wittney Houston Thing

It's difficult to really have much to say over this past week, and the ending of Ms Houston.

First, you end up with a broke-down star whose entire career lasted around twelve years, and anything productive really ended around 1996.  Once she got firmly latched onto Bobby Brown, there's not much to say.

Second, the millions that were there.....gone.  Most folks are keeping their silence on this, but I imagine that her total real assets at the end were a house or two, and some yearly income off her old songs (maybe a couple million after taxes). By the time you figure taxes, travel bills, and body guards....I doubt if there was much of anything.

Third, sadly, there's nothing much to brag about over the past five years except this attempted comeback....which couldn't really take any traction because her voice just wasn't there anymore.

So you end up with Micheal Jackson, version 2.0.  The next episode?  I'm predicting Lindsay Lohan.