Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Just a Satan Minute

At some point in 2008....Presidential candidate Rick Santorum announced: "Satan has his sights on the United States of America!  Satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has so deeply rooted in the American tradition."

This came out today, and got a fair amount of media time from most of the top dozen TV news folks.

You can imagine Matt Lauer from the Today Show....trying to figure a way to discuss this and criticize it.  First, he has declare there is no Satan, and then he has to make this all look pretty foolish.  Course, around fifty percent of the women who are watching the Today Show.....show up each Sunday and pretty much have this pro-Satan existence view.  So Matt starts to look fairly foolish in being anti-Satan.

Then you have the ABC crew.....who has to find some cartoon figure of Satan....trying to Rick Santorum and the Satan cartoon figure fit into the same photo.  They come off looking pretty foolish.

Then you have the CBS crew, who has to project Satan as the 'good-Satan' and that Rick is bad for opposing poor Satan.

Then you have the CNN folks, who have to find a dozen experts on Satan....the so-called Satan think-tank....to come out and be interviewed by their folks all day long.  For some of the Satan think-tank folks....it's the first time they've ever been on national TV, and they had to ask their cousin to loan them a decent suit or plain black tie.

Then you have Rush Limbaugh, who has to think of something flashy to say about being anti-Satan, and show how this fits into the Conservative view point.  Eventually, he will connect Satan with Iran, Columbia, Cuba, and North Korea....confusing most folks, and then flipping over to a discussion of the Reagan era.

Finally, Fox News will just put sixty seconds of time onto the whole Satan thing....mostly saying that they'd give Satan a chance to speak.....as part of the fair and balanced thing....but so far, Satan hasn't accept the call to be on the O'Reilly Show.

To be blunt about this....when you start tossing Christian values around in politics....it's only a matter of time before Satan comes up, and at that point...the whole political angle with Christian values slides off the the side of discussions.  You might as well bring up UFOs, Bigfoot, or Loch Ness as part of the Republican agenda, and that really won't help too much.

The Shelter Issue

There's this interesting episode with tornado shelters in Bama.  Down in DeKalb county....they wanted to put up six prefab-type storm shelters.  It's best to describe them as Quonset-hut structures that pretty heavy gauge and the whole thing gets anchored down to the ground.   The DeKalb folks had some serious interest in this.....but has wasted away an entire year trying to establish a legal contract.  The problem is....as soon as they stand up and it looks all legit....someone from the state or county steps in....to halt the purchasing episode.

It's a curious thing....as they do the bid and it runs afoul each time....it's always the Safe-T-Shelter folks who are standing there with null and void contract.  The competition who fails to win the episode?  They continually come back via various legal angles.....making the whole process dead.  You'd almost think that if you just declared the number two guy or the number three guy on the process....the actual winner.....then folks would just allow things to go forward.

Personally, I'm of the mind that some agenda is being played out.

But then I come to this whole concept of a central 100-person shelter and the requirement that DeKalb country wrote up.  Personally, if I was this worried about a tornado....I'd put my own shelter up in the backyard....big enough for six folks.  The reason for this?  At 10PM at night.....when the Doppler radar picks up a warning....you might have two minutes to do something.  You don't want to be dressing up or running around to figure the closest route to the county shelter.  If you got to run out to the shelter in a pair of underwear and a Auburn t-shirt....so be it.

So I'm not trying to bash the county's effort, but I'd be investing my money into something more worthwhile.  If you live in DeKalb county....you ought to be putting aside $1,500 and getting a simple shelter that kinda sits in the ground like a septic tank.  Naturally, you get your cousin Claude to come over....spend a Saturday digging this hole....use the tractor to dump this shelter in the hole....and toss the dirt back on top of it.  Forget all this legal hassle like the DeKalb county folks have, and do it yourself.