Monday, 27 February 2012

The Nobel Mess

The Nobel Institute folks stood up today and admitted there were around 230-odd people that were nominated by the cut-off point for the Peace Prize.

You end up going down the list....corporations made it, the EU made it, peace groups made it, folks like Helmut Kohl and Bill Clinton made it, and then there's Army kid who created the WikiLeaks mess.....Bradley Manning.

I sat there and pondered over Bradley's nomination.  Even if they gave him the award....he won't be making the trip out to the awards ceremony.  The US Army has Bradley locked up and in the midst of a court-martial episode.  Even if they were to mail Bradley his award, it would be questionable if the Army would allow him to have the award in the cell with his personal gear.

The odds of Bradley getting the award.  Well....there are three ways of looking at this.  First, they could be logical and just pick some peace group that really deserved the Nobel Prize for Peace.  That would make sense.  Then, there's the logic of picking poke at the US government, but that wouldn't make much sense because President Obama is sitting in office.  Course, if they thought he hadn't delivered up to his promises.....maybe a poke would be deserving.  Then finally, there is the Bill Clinton angle to it.  My humble guess is that it'd make perfect sense to give the award to Bill.....just just flip off the Republicans in November, getting them more upset, and causing more voters to come out in support of a Republican Presidential candidate.

Bradley is likely sitting there in the cell....kinda shocked that he'd be worthy of such an award.  He might spend hours, and days....working on his acceptance speech.  The Army prosecutor is likely sitting there.....mostly laughing to himself.  He's getting a chance to prosecute a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner, and gain a footnote in history for his actions.  The sad thing that stranger things have happened, and the US Army might actually have it's first Nobel Peace Prize winner, who will be spending the rest of his life in Leavenworth Prison, Kansas.

My Neighborhood

We had an odd death reported in the local area.  A guy was driving down a state road in the region....had a deer attempting to cross the road....hit the deer.  Then the deer flew up in the air, and landed into the windshield area of a second vehicle....killing the passenger.  No apparent injuries to the driver of the second vehicle.  All of this....just after dark one evening.

Virginia has a fair number of deer accidents....mostly because of the amount of open territory in the state.  It's the first time I can recall some guy getting killed from the accident.