Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Over-Time

The DC public school system came around to admit that they'd paid $2.2 million in overtime for the past financial year.  It was a curious thing....they actually listed names, hours, and the amount of money to each guy or gal.

So they listed these custodian folks....who were getting some fairly average paychecks, and the amount of hours they did extra.

I looked over this list.  Dave, foreman of some custodians, gets around $56k a year for his salary.  Well....with over-time, he picked up another $37k extra.  But here's the thing....he had to work 985 hours to get that.  That's almost twenty extra hours a week.  So you can figure.....12-hour days, Monday through Friday, fifty-two weeks out of the year.

Richie the gardener?  He was pulling in around $50k a year, and made $28k extra, for his 829 extra hours.

As a kid growing up, we usually had one janitor who did everything....mowing, repairs, paint work, and cleaning toilets.  I doubt if he ever got any over-time hours.  In fact, with the exception of closing down the gym after basketball games....that might had been the only chance to pull in extra cash.

It's hard for to imagine some guy working twelve-hour days, five days a week, for an entire year.  Somehow, these guys have convinced the school that they absolutely have to do it.  But if you ask me....there's some bogus factor to this story.