Friday, 2 March 2012

North Dakota Fighting NCAA Dimwits

It's hard to go more than thirty days with the NCAA....without any major negative press.  This week?  The NCAA got all upset with the University of North Dakota.  The University has decided, at least for the go with the regular normal name of their school in athletic competition.....the Fighting Sioux. The NCAA came out and said that they'd forfeit any wins, if their players, the cheerleaders, band-members or even coaches....wore or displayed anything pertaining to the Fighting Sioux.

This entire discussion with the NCAA's strategy....goes back a number of years....where they simply said that anything having to deal in a hostile fashion to the American a bad thing.

This was going to just slide off and become a non-issue until spring of last year....when the state legislature approved a law that requiring the university to use the Fighting Sioux nickname.  This brought everything up for another round of NCAA discussions.

If the school had losers sports teams.....none of this would matter.  But the truth is that they actually have men and women's teams in various sports....which win.

I sat and pondered over this....and finally decided what ought to be done.  Rename the teams.  They should become the University of North Dakota Fighting NCAA Dimwits.

How quick could the NCAA react to this?  I suspect there is not a single rule in the book that would forbid any university from doing this, so they'd have to invent a rule out of thin air.  They would look like absolute fools while in the process of doing this.

How many fans across the nation would jump on board and buy t-shirts and support the North Dakota Fight NCAA Dimwits?  Millions.  People from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama would come out and support the North Dakota team.

The problem I see is that some Indians support the use of the name for the North Dakota team, and consider it a positive message in representing the Sioux nation.  For that reason, the NCAA really comes off looking stupid.

So onward, the Fighting NCAA Dimwits!

The SES Story

In the US government, we have this rank....called SES.  In basic's a civilian that is very much at the 1-star to 4-star general level.  Back in the late 1970s....someone dreamed up this idea of the super-civilian grades to run vast programs throughout the US government.  Today, there are around 7,100 of these guys.  The original idea was that you'd get to a post in one organization....develop your skills....and maybe five to eight years later....move.  There would be this enriching process for you, and your old that everyone got this new 'agenda' in their mind.

Well....someone did the statistics and discovered that almost half of the 7,100 folks....have never moved in their entire career as a SES (some over thirty years).  To be honest, only eight percent have ever ventured beyond their own organization.  So if you got hired as a Postal SES....the odds are....if you ever moved, then you moved from the Texas zone, to the Atlanta zone....and still stayed within the postal system.

Some Congressmen are a bit angry over this.  They'd like to force these SES's to actually move to new organizations.  Course, it might reflect badly because the guy is incompetent at most of what he does, and it'd be noticed quickly at the new organization.  And this is one of the fears of the SESs, and why they really don't want too much movement.

I'm guessing this won't go far.  The SESs can hustle around various management groups, and eventually show this is all pretty stupid....even if it comes from a bogus study.  

My Neighborhood

We had this oddball speeding episode across the river, into Maryland a couple of days ago.  Some county council gal.....Karen Toles....apparently got into her county-provided vehicle....and was going from one event in the county to another, at 105 miles per hour, in a 55-mph zone.

Naturally, the cops come upon her, but not in the right fashion where this would be recorded in two types of fashions that are acceptable for the court guys.  So rather than give her a major ticket for speeding, they simply gave her a ticket for reckless driving.

This story got out.  Frankly, it's upset almost everyone in Prince George's county.  So Karen came out yesterday and said she was going to take a driving course, and would temporarily give up her county-provided make folks happy.  Well....that didn't help much.

Today, Karen did her best to avoid any contact with the media.  My guess is that she won't show at all tomorrow for work, and might disappear for all of next week for "some well deserved leave" (always a good quote).

In Germany.....once you go thirty over the limit.....they tend to give a major ticket and take away your license for at least thirty days.  Here?  Nothing much.

The silly part to this story is that the media kept digging.  Karen has around five different tickets over the past couple of years.  If you asked me....she's a fairly aggressive driver, and itching for a major accident.  My humble guess is that she will likely have this major car accident one day and be utterly shocked at the extent of damage and injury.  That's about the only way that she'll realize her skills aren't that good.