Thursday, 8 March 2012

End of Terra Nova?

This TV season....Fox offered up this Dino-soap opera of sorts....Terra Nova.  On a scale of one to ten....I'd give it a five at best.  The story was lousy.  The characters were lousy.  The two minutes of some dinosaur appearance in each episode just didn't cut it.  So this week, they announced the cancellation of the series.  Rumor has it this morning....that Netflex is having a discussion over the series, and if it can be brought back.

The whole story revolves around this idea that the Earth has decayed to such an extent....that we need to ship folks through some time-hole.....back 200 million years.  I kept thinking.....there were several meteor events back in this you basically were going to kill off any folks who survived this transfer of sorts.  Of course, the government is involved in this whole mess, so there's some kind of conspiracy, but you never can figure out what kind of conspiracy.

The draw of this whole show? had to be simple enough that kids would watch....clean enough that Grandma could watch.....and scientific enough for geeks to watch.  The far as I can see....was pretty dismal and I wouldn't advise any show to go this direction in the future.

As for Netflex?  Well....they might be able to figure some deal for twelve more episodes, dependent on European attachement, but I can't see it surviving past that point.  There are some mystery points left to the story, and I would be curious how the story-line completed itself.