Saturday, 17 March 2012

The NBC News Folks

Watching the news is often frustrating to me.  You have some joker in New York City, who has spent an entire day building a 60-second segment for some dimwit to mouth the obvious words to an audience sitting in lawn chairs down in Florida, sofas in Richmond, over-sized chairs in Shreveport, and rockers out in Branson.

You can imagine this segment piece....three in ten young people have returned home.....after high school and an attempted job.....after college and an attempted job....after a failing economy has destroyed their launch into life....etc.  So here is Brian Williams of NBC.  He wants you to listen to his words.  He wants you to feel returning home because of the free food, the free shelter, and the clothing being washed by mom.  It's all a pretty great thing.

I kept waiting for this little ending piece.  If only the economy was working, then Wanda wouldn't be living at home.  If the tire plant just had another shift, then Randy could pack up and leave home.  If Clark could just find a dependable job.  This ending piece never occurred. You just needed to feel good that the kids had a roof over their heads.  It might have been nice to note how long this visit would last, but the guy who wrote the segment would prefer not to connect the dots on this one to a lingering problem with the economy.

I guess the guy writing the segment piece got his vision of the story living with parents in an acceptable setting, and none of this much relates to the current economy.  My once a month viewing of NBC news came and went.....nothing much special to note.  I'll just keep waiting for real analysis to eventually occur.