Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Simple Explanation

I haven't said much over this Army guy who killed a number of folks in Afghanistan.  As usual....I waited for the smoke to settle, so you can come to a fair conclusion.

The cause of the episode?  I'm going to take this as a pretty good guess....but he was on a good pain-killer, compliments of the Army or some associate medical individual back in Washington state.  My guess?  Vicodin.  Between the pain-killer (which he probably was on for more than two years) and a bit of booze (illegal by military folks in a war-zone).....he got into a hallucinogenic-type state of mind.  As far as he was concerned, he was acting out some scene.  In the end, he remembers nothing.

It's a curious the past month....DOD (the Pentagon folks) have jumped up and tossed a couple of pain-killers now on their forbidden list for drug testing.  They didn't immediately do it.....what they wanted folks to know was that by late summer, you could be potentially tested.  And if you had these pain-killers in your system, without a would be kicked out.

The curious thing is that they never explained how they decided that they had a problem and why certain drugs (like Vicodin) got onto this special list.

So as the days and weeks go by....and eventually the Army has to settle on an explanation for this will eventually hear this comment about pain-killers.  Remember where you heard it first.

A Legend Passes

A legend of sort.....passed away yesterday.  I doubt that the big name evening news journalists will mention it....but banjo legend Earl Scruggs passed away.  There's this short list of guys who twisted country music into a creative art.  For those who don't really remember much on Earl was he and Lester Flatt, who made up the tune to the Beverly Hillbillies.

The best prospective to have of Earl Scruggs?  At some point around a decade music legend Porter Wagoner was asked to describe what Scruggs had done in his life, and said: "I always felt like Earl was to the five-string banjo what Babe Ruth was to baseball. He is the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be."

The sultan of twang....has left this Earth, and we are missing him already.

Our Hoodie Representative

I tried t make sense out of this.  Representative Bobby Rush, Democratic rep from Illinois, was bound and determined to stand for his he donned this hoodie outfit and started speaking in front of Congress.

There's this rule that you just can't wear a hat....inside the main "stage" of Congress.  You can wear a hat in your Congressional office, and you can wear a hat....up until you enter the main hall area....but it's been a long and established rule that you just can't wear a hat.  So the head guy in the room at the time....a Republican....orders Representative Bobby Rush to stand down.  Bobby refuses, and eventually....he is escorted out of the room.

What did it accomplish?  I sat and pondered over this a while, and the best I can say is that Bobby Rush will get the hoodie vote out in his district of the south side of Chicago.  Not that hoodies typically vote, but I suspect in the next election....the hoodie crowd will come out and support Bobby Rush.

Beyond the hoodie vote.....Representative Bobby Rush tended to look like some thug or gangster-type character that you run into around midnight in southeast DC.

My advice....for all of the wannabe thug or gangster-wannabes around Congress....take this Friday evening off and don your hoodie, and go hang out around Union Station, and then walk south toward Anacosta.  Don't make any funny moves, and walk as fast as you can.  If you see cop cars off in the distance....try to stay in sight of those cars.  If you see any other hoodie-dressed guys out and within sixty feet of need to say a silent prayer and hope that they will just pass you.  Avoid eye contact with the other hoodie guys.  If they ask what gang you are associated with....make up something quick and just hope that this stupid act of yours will come quickly to an end.