Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Simply Observations

Commentary came up again over the weekend of the impending arrival Iranian Internet.  The general idea is that Iran will cut off the world, and just run it's own internet system.  Supposedly, this switch-over will occur by August....if you believe the rumor.  So if you were living in Iran and wanted Facebook, you'd have to search for some Iranian version, which isn't really Facebook, and it's almost all Iranians who you might buddy-up with.  It has a smell of failure....if you ask me.

According to news on the internet....when the DC election occurred last week....some guy showed up at a polling station....said he was Eric Holder (the real Eric Holder)....and wanted to vote.  The problem was....he just wasn't the real Eric Holder.  He asked the polling station guy if he wanted to see an ID, but he said no....that wasn't necessary.  In the end, he handed the voting card back apparently, and didn't vote in Eric's place (thankfully), so they can't charge him with any crimes.  So the emphasis of this.....is that any idiot could take and steal your vote.  You can imagine the real Eric Holder showing up an hour or two later....trying to vote, and finding out that he'd already voted.  It just seems like that we are inviting a big mess out of this whole voter ID thing.....if we don't start the process of requiring an ID.

Finally, the FBI has come out and hinted that American universities are being infiltrated by foreign spies.  They work the system and actually enter on legal circumstances, then kinda work themselves into situations where they gather intelligence.  I sat and pondered over this deal.  Considering the number of idiot professors that we have in the US, and the amount of partying going on.....it's hard for me to imagine Chinese spies taking advantage of this.  Course, there are sensitive government projects going on, and typically at the university setting.....there's no security clearance efforts.  What should we do about this?  Well...we need to recruit as many dimwits as possible.....flood the American university system with these guys, and make the spies work twice as hard in thinking they might get something via the university system.   Then we hire incompetent professors at a higher rate than competent professors.  Finally, we look for leftist and communist-thinking professors.....to mostly run everything.  Oh, yeah.....I forget to mention....we've been doing this for thirty years.