Sunday, 15 April 2012

What Happens in Cartagena, Ought to Stay in Cartagena

I've tried to read over and grasp this mess with the Secret Service guys on their special detail in Cartagena, Columbia.....and how they all got ordered back to DC over hookers.

So this is what you come to realize.  All eleven of these guys apparently picked up on the Colombian ladies (ladies of the evening).  Ten of them had the financial details worked out.  There's this one guy who apparently didn't get the jest of the 83k Colombian Pesos ($47) that he owed.  He argued....the hotel staff got into the mess....the hooker refused to leave the room the next morning unless she got paid....and this got out into the Colombian press, then spilling over into the US press.

The US military guys that they keep talking about?  Well.....they didn't have hookers (at least we are led to believe that)....but they were out drinking way past curfew.  So their mess is slightly different.

There are two things that you might ought to know.  First, If all eleven of the Secret Service guys had the hookers.....then their clearances are suspended immediately.  There's this investigation that occurs and will take roughly two months for some guy to determine that it's all pretty much true or perhaps just partly true. If you had the hooker or you knew that the guy had a hooker and didn't report lose your clearance, thus losing your job.  By June, you end up applying for some state trooper job in Mississippi or Arkansas.  Kind of a sad end to a promising federal position where you could have collected $30k a year in retirement.

The second thing?  Well.....Cartagena is like the Atlantic City of Columbia.  I don't know whose idea it was to pick this city as the big-wig meeting point....but it was bound to turn into trouble.  All you have to do is walk into the hotel bar, and there's probably a dozen gals sitting there in five-star outfits and waiting for some wink to have a liaison.  You would think that the head of the Secret Service would have talked to everyone going down to Cartagena....warning them of the possible mess they would walk into.

I'm guessing that the President is standing and asking questions over the whole mess.....maybe wondering why no one told him of the legends of Cartagena lusty babes.