Monday, 16 April 2012

A Screwed-Up Prospective

The court case in Norway is starting up....over Anders Behring Breivik.  Last summer, Breivik came out and killed 77 people (the vast majority under the age of 21) in a very dramatic bombing-and-shooting episode.  Norway has never had anything like this in its entire history.  It was for all all-out massacre.

The intention?  Well....over the past decades (probably since WW II).....this small country of 4.9 million people have had a simple political trail.  You were a big-name political figure in Norwegian had a son or daughter which you ensured went to the right schools, then to the right clubs and summer camps, and got the right jobs after university.  A decade later....they were into local politics, and then moved on up to national politics.

I'm pretty sure that you could have asked any Norwegian journalist about this singular trail that had been devised and they probably would agree it was fact, but that it was the only way to determine the best political figures later in life.  They might have even argued that this had been the Norwegian model for over two hundred years.

Over the past two decades, there has been this perception that multiculturalism is creeping into Norwegian life.  Political figures tended to suggest to the public that it was acceptable and part of the Norwegian future.

Breivik, over the past couple of years....came to believe the impact of these potential future political figures and the negative nature of multiculturalism.  Norway was heading in the wrong direction....but the potential to step in and bring in a modern political party and counter this.....was practically impossible.

So, Breivik devised this attack on the island of Utoya....killing approximately 69 teenagers.  It would be appropriate to say that this camp where the kids were staying on Utoya had one singular focus.  It was supported by a major political party, and it was an opportunity to mingle and socialize in a summer setting. It would provide this point where you'd know all the political faces in fifteen years when your generation became the new political figures of Norway.   Breivik had the belief that he could wipe out one entire generation of political figures and trigger a new direction for the nation.

This week....while starting up the court case against Breivik, I'm left with three observations.  First, as guilty as you proclaim him......the only thing you can judge against him is time in jail.  Even with various witnesses, he can't be sentenced to death.  He knows this.....and will likely turn the entire case into a show.

Second, I doubt that the nation has found any method to getting over this massacre.  You don't have events like this in Norway.  It will rest on the souls of the population for decades, in my humble opinion.

Third and final.  Breivik may end up being correct.  Twenty years down the may start to see some unusual characters appear for political positions.  Maybe a car mechanic could rise up in his town, and his region to be a major political figure.  The problem with the Breivik theory is that you have to wait approximately two decades to see how this plays out.  And on the list of 500 ways to alter a country's political focus......this isn't exactly fitting into the norm.  To kill 69 kids.....doesn't make a lot of sense....even in the political sense.